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Premium Respiratory Protection

Thank you for your patience! Due to overwhelming demand, our respirators were selling out, resulting in delayed shipments.

We have increased our production and have caught up.

Now that we have caught our breath, we are dedicated to protecting yours. So expect current orders to ship within 2-3 business days!

Why This Is NOT A Mask (and Why That Matters)

The O2 Curve Is A Compact Respirator, Not A Mask.

The primary function of a surgical mask is to protect OTHER people from the person wearing the mask, rather than primarily protecting the person wearing the mask.

Masks are designed to keep your droplets and germs contained, but are less effective at keeping other people’s droplets and germs out of your nose, mouth and lungs. A typical mask has multiple points of entry where droplets can easily get through, or around, the mask. Air takes the path of least resistance, and common points of leakage are around the cheeks, the chin, and the bridge of the nose (as anyone who has worn a mask with glasses knows all too well).

Therefore, even IF a mask is made from effective filtering materials, without an effective seal to your face, significant amounts of contaminated air can enter your body, with every breath you take.

The O2 Curve Respirator

A Mask Is Not A Respirator

The O2 Curve Protects YOU First

Respirators are primarily designed to protect YOU, the person who is wearing it. However, it can also have many of the same benefits of protecting others at the same time. A key difference with the O2 Curve is that our medical-grade silicone is designed to provide an airtight seal for your nose and mouth, so that only air that has been forced to pass through our patented filter can enter your lungs. The O2 Curve provides exceptional protection, as well as superb comfort, thus allowing you to wear it for extended periods of time.

How It Works

Why Is The O2 Electrostatic Filter Better?

Different types of disposable and reusable masks have various levels of filtration efficiency, and after they are worn for extended periods, or washed and reused, even those with the best initial filtering capabilities can become compromised. Often there is no way to know if, or how much, your mask’s filtering efficiency has been affected.

When properly inserted as directed, the O2 Curve’s patented replaceable electrostatic filter provides exceptional performance, to eliminate that guesswork. Our filter not only efficiently removes harmful particles from the air, but the ionic charges embedded in our filter can also attract and trap particles too small to be mechanically filtered, thus improving the removal of particles down to a size of 0.1 microns, and reducing inhaled particles in the air such as dust, pollution, pollen, and infectious droplets. Based on average usage one filter can last up to 2 weeks.

The O2 Curve split out to show the three primary aspects of the respirator.
The three alternate shell colors.

Looking Good Helps Too

Stylish and Unique

Top performing protection is obviously great, but let’s face it, everyone wants to look good too.  The O2 Curve features an interchangeable, ergonomic front shell.  All Curve masks come standard with the classic O2 White shell, but if you’re looking for a little more flair, we also offer Red, Blue and Black shells to suit your own personal style.

The O2 Curve - Premium Respiratory Protection

The O2 Curve provides exceptional protection from airborne particles by combining highly efficient and breathable filters with a secure seal to your face. We offer premium respiratory protection, without compromising on comfort or style.
  • Our filter material removes airborne particles down to 0.1 microns in size
  • Our medical-grade silicone provides exceptional comfort and airtight seal
  • Ultra soft silicone ear loops that won’t disturb your hairstyle
  • Adjustable neck strap with snap-button clip 
  • 3-pack of electrostatic filters included free!
  • One white shell included


The New Normal at Work

Day to day business has been impacted and we're committed to helping businesses return to work safely

If you're a business owner or looking for help returning employees to work safely, check out our blog on the New Normal at work.


Q: What Is The Difference Between a Respirator and a Mask?

A: Respirators protect the wearer from exposure to airborne particles, including biological aerosol droplets. Therefore, respirators require an airtight seal to the face. Surgical masks are designed to act as a barrier to biological fluids, and are primarily designed to protect patients from the droplets of health care workers. O2 Canada manufactures respirators, and currently we have no plans to manufacture masks, except for use in conjunction with our respirator products for health care workers.


Q: What type of filter does the O2 Curve use?

A: The O2 Curve uses a triboelectric charged filtration system, which consists of a hydrophobic outer shell that sandwiches a layer of melt blown filter medium, as well as a filter. This filter system works both mechanically and electrostatically, and particles that are too small to be filtered physically are attracted to the charged filter, for improved filter efficiency and performance. The O2 Curve filters material are designed and rated filter with greater than 99% efficiency down to a particle size of 0.1 microns, and independent lab testing confirmed exceptional filter efficiency even under high air flow conditions.


Q: How well does the O2 Curve compare in terms of fit testing?

A: The purpose of the mask fit test is to provide an individualized result for a specific wearer, and therefore not every respirator will fit every face. However the O2 Curve has consistently passed both qualitative and quantitative mask fit testing. Using the TSI PortaCount® 8038 QNFT protocol, the O2 Curve has repeatedly passed with a score of 200+ out of a highest possible score of 200.


Q: Which way do I insert the filter?

A: The O2 Curve filters come in a plastic envelope. The side of the filter facing the clear film of the envelope is upstream of the airflow, meaning the side that can be seen through the clear film is the side that should face out and away from the user’s face. 


Q: How often should I replace the O2 Curve’s filter?

A: How often you should replace your filter depends on usage and the environment it’s used in. For general use, such as pollution filtration, the filter should last one to two weeks. In highly polluted environments, you may need to switch the filter more often.


Q: How long can the filters be used for?

A: For air pollution applications, the O2 Curve filter was recommended to be changed after fourteen (14) days with typical use. We are currently researching how to best utilize the O2 Curve to protection against biological aerosols, but we recommend the filters be changed daily in conditions where exposure is high, or if the filter would otherwise become compromised. We are also currently studying extended filter use beyond these recommendations. When the wearer is intending to protect against infectious particles, it is prudent to dispose of the filter appropriately each time the O2 Curve is used, and to disinfect the respirator between uses.


Q: What is the return policy?

A: Due to the personal nature of the use of the O2 Curve and the current COVID-19 pandemic, at this time the product is non-returnable.  In the unlikely event of a damaged, defective or wrong item delivered to you, we will provide a full refund or free replacement as applicable. We may contact you to ascertain the damage or defect in the product prior to issuing a refund/replacement. Some exceptions may apply for sealed items only.

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